A young boy from New Zealand has discovered a new hobby of photography using film cameras.
He has a Ricoh AF-5, a Yashica Electro 35 GS, a Canon Prima BF-7, a Maginon mini AF and a good old Box Brownie Flash II.
Join him on his adventure with film.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome to Photo Boy New Zealand

Taking a photo from in the bush

Welcome to this new blog.
My son Salem has just discovered that he loves to take photos.
He has never liked using a digital camera as you can't really see what you are taking a photo of especially in daylight and you can't see the screen.

Taking a photo of me taking a photo of him

He bought a Box Brownie Flash II camera a little while back from his favourite antique shop in Thorndon and we have just got some 120 film for it.
So will be taking photos with that soon.

Surrounded by all the birds

Then last week we bought a Ricoh RF-5 camera from an op-shop for $5.
We got some film and batteries for it and he tried it out for the first time yesterday.
We went up to the Cable Car Museum in Kelburn and then through the Wellington Botanic Gardens and the Lady Norwood Rose Gardens.

Getting some good shots of the birds

He had a blast and loved the freedom he had with the camera.
He liked that he could take his time with setting up a shot and of course the noise it made as he took the photo.

The Joy Fountain at the Wellington Botanic Gardens

He had so much fun that two rolls of film were soon used.
We should have brought more with us as he had plenty more subjects to photograph.

So we will have to go back sometime very soon so that the roses will still be at their best.
With plenty of film.

The Joy Fountain from another angle

Today we took his film into Kodack Express in Coastlands.
Dave took him out the back to see the machines that will be developing his film and also the machine that will be printing his photos.
Salem was so excited and can't wait to see his photos which will be ready to pick up on Monday.

Taking arty photos of roses

We are also getting them put on a CD so we can share his photos on this blog.
So after this post which I am doing, it will all be Salem's work.

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