A young boy from New Zealand has discovered a new hobby of photography using film cameras.
He has a Ricoh AF-5, a Yashica Electro 35 GS, a Canon Prima BF-7, a Maginon mini AF and a good old Box Brownie Flash II.
Join him on his adventure with film.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ducks and Birds Galore

Ducks and Birds Galore at the Duck Pond
Ricoh AF-5

When were arrived at the duck pond, all the ducks in the pond came over to see us.
A few got out of the pond and came to check me out to see if I had any food.  
They were very curious about my camera.
Even the pigeons and sparrows came over to say hello.
They were all very friendly.
I'm sure a lot of the ducks were the ducklings that we had seen on our last visit but they have all grown up now.

The  ducks started to come over to me.

A pigeon came over to check me out.

The ducks were seeing if I had any food.

This pigeon was just strolling by.

This little ducky wants to know if my camera is food or not.

The curious boys.

Say cheese.

These two pigeons and two sparrows are great camera models.

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