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He has a Ricoh AF-5, a Yashica Electro 35 GS, a Canon Prima BF-7, a Maginon mini AF and a good old Box Brownie Flash II.
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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Wellington Cable Car Museum and Cable Car

The Wellington Cable Car Museum
Ricoh AF-5

I thought a good place to start taking my photos was at the Cable Car Museum.
I love coming here.
I wish that the old cable cars were still in service.
The cable cars are really called grip cars.
The museum is in the original winding house.
The winding house was going to be demolished when they put in the new cable car system but instead restored it to become the museum.

A school girl dummy looking out

My mum remembers riding on this cable car

This cable car was used before the one that is in service now.

This is the seat inside.

This is the oldest of the two grip cars (cable cars) at the

This is the side view.

The grip car has lovely woodwork.

The winding machine that used to haul up the cable cars.

The Famous Wellington Cable Car
Ricoh AF-5

Heaps of Wellingtonians use the cable car every day to get to work, home, the nearby university and of course loads of tourists get the cable car up from the city to have a look at the very cool view of Wellington city and also to then have a walk through the Wellington Botanic Gardens which is one of my most favourite places.
I love coming here!!!!

This is the view from the lookout at the top of the cable car.

Here is the cable car coming up the hill.

It's nearly at the top.

Everyone is about to get out.

This is part of the cable car station.

A very cool lamp and blue sky.

The doors are closing.




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