A young boy from New Zealand has discovered a new hobby of photography using film cameras.
He has a Ricoh AF-5, a Yashica Electro 35 GS, a Canon Prima BF-7, a Maginon mini AF and a good old Box Brownie Flash II.
Join him on his adventure with film.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Joy Fountain and Blooming Roses

The Joy Fountain
Ricoh AF-5

The Joy Fountain is so much fun.
When I don't have my camera in my hand, I go and play with the water that comes out of the frogs mouths and have water battles with the other kids that have the same idea.

The Joy Fountain looking down towards the entrance.

Another view of the Joy Fountain.

Looking over at the Sound Shell.

Roses In Bloom at the Lady Norwood Rose Gardens
Ricoh AF-5

When we walked into the rose gardens we were hit with the beautiful perfume from the roses.
It was so strong!!!
Unfortunately I ran out of film and I really wanted to take more photos as there were heaps of ducks and pigeons lazing around the roses.
I will being going up there again real soon to take more photos!!!!

An arty shot from below the roses.
 I was sitting down to take this.

The roses were in bloom everywhere.

Smelling the roses.
An end of film shot.

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